Dear Mr. and Mrs. Spiegel,

I am so happy to announce that the Water Well funded by your great organization, the Rotary Club of Perrine-Cutler Ridge/Palmetto Bay Florida, has been completed! Please find attached some photos from the well which include the plaque placed at the site of the new fresh water source. I am so happy that the hundreds of children who attend school at Nyanda Primary School now have a new source of clean water!

In the photos you can see the small water hole where the children where the children drank from before the well was put in place. In the photos of the well you can see the joy on everyone’s face knowing that they now have clean water.

Thank you again to everyone involved at Rotary Club for your partnership with our organization! If you have any further questions about the well site or the well itself please let me know and I am happy to provide any information needed!

Best Regards,

Marcus Begley

Project Coordinator

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund


(Photos show pond where water used to be collected and now the working water well.)


Mrs. Ludovici,

We sincerely appreciate the Palmetto Bay-Cutler Bay-Perrine Rotary Club’s annual contributions and donations to citizens of the West Perrine community. This year’s Thanksgiving event was another successful event, with delivery of one hundred and thirty turkeys and food box donations to needy families at the Perrine Gardens public housing site.  

Please share these comments with each of your Rotary Club members and thank them for us. We also look forward to your continued collaboration with the South District Neighborhood Resource Unit and donation of Christmas toys. Through your efforts and similar contributions from others, we will continue to bring holiday cheers to countless children.

Thanks again for your support,

Officer Ronald Tookes

Miami-Dade Police Department

South District

Neighborhood Resource Unit (NRU


Have just returned from 2 weeks in Israel on the Hands Across Waters project. Despite the bad news and continuing tension, good people continue to work in the schools on this innovative water education program for the children on both sides. In some ways, it was good that I went when I did. For if the program can work during these difficult times, then it can definitely do what we all want – to put into place a building block for peace while focusing on the single most important commodity in the Middle East, education on how to conserve and improve utilization of WATER.

Briefly I visited 9 schools including 5 Arab throughout the country. Unfortunately the team decided against going into East Jerusalem which has become dangerous. But despite incidents in nearly every city we visited, the work goes on. The Hands Across Waters program focuses on junior high school students as they have enough of a science background to do classroom projects yet are young enough to be open to interchanges with their Jewish – Arab – Christian or Druze counterparts.

The team leader Dr. Amnon Shefi, a graduate of the Technion, was handpicked by the Haifa Rotary Club and District 2490. He was first brought to our attention during the Rainwater Harvest project by Avner Fuchs who heads the water projects area for the District as well as being the sparkplug for the recent ICC Water Conference in Tel Aviv which I attended and was asked to speak at. Among the pluses that Dr. Shefi brings to the program are his vision, his connections to many of the major water technology companies in Israel who are cooperating with the school program, and the support he is getting from the Technion and from the Ministries of Education and Economy. Most important is that over the past 9 years, he has formed relations be-tween Arab and Jewish schools which are working.

Perhaps the most moving moment in my stay occurred when the events of the week dissuaded the Arab schools from attending the Water Conference which they had been preparing for all semester. However, one of the Arab schools came. The kids did a great job and I will never forget after congratulating the headmaster and science teacher on their courage and fortitude, the headmaster turned to me and said, “we must keep trying.” I used this in my address to the high level Rotary ICC committee and it proved the highlight for the entire session as it provided a glimpse of what can be accomplished by people of good will.

Interestingly Dr. Shefi’s outstanding crew of young dedicated men and women together with some more experienced types including tough Israeli fighters showed more understanding of what needs to be done to bring about good working relations than anything I have seen before. And it is simple. Just treat the other side the way you would want to be treated and give them their respect. Give them a chance to work together and show you care. The outcome – an exciting and productive program which can show each side what could be. As a member of District 6990 and the Coral Springs-Parkland Rotary club, I am proud that we are the leaders in this important and critical effort.

Thanks for your support,


Dr. Gerald Sussman, Foundation Chair

Coral Springs-Parkland Rotary Club

Jose with his new standing walker

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